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Replacing keywords in an established campaign

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What will happen if we replace KWs in the pretty mature and relatively successful campaign? We have all BROAD match KWs there and planning to delete all of them and using now our historical search terms data we want to use BMM KWs instead (but very close to previous ones).


Will this affect negatively volume, CPC, etc. Does anyone have similar experience?




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September 2015

Re: Replacing keywords in an established campaign

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Hi @Dmitry P;

Personally, I also try to avoid the "classic broad"  due to the many synonyms under a  "classic broad" KW.

Keep in mind that once you add a new keyword, initially it is granted  a "default QS" based on other advertisers QS for the same keyword (in its exact mach type").  Only when your own campaign gains enough statistical date (i.e CTR), then your own campaign performance "kicks in, and  QS is calculated based on your campaign performances.

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Re: Replacing keywords in an established campaign

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Yeah, thats what I was afraid of - loosing keywords' performance history.