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Removing low quality placement for ROAS bid strategy

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Hi Guys,

I'm using ROAS bid strategy for one of my display campaigns. Normally for all display ads, we do remove the low quality ad placements once a while. Is doing this still necessary when we use ROAS bid strategy? Thanks.

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September 2015

Re: Removing low quality placement for ROAS bid strategy

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Hi Nariman,

Think of it this way: there is a perfect, ideal account out there, where every keyword, every placement, every hour is a profitable one.


  • Bidding strategies make this easier than manual actions, and save time.
  • However, to make the algorithm behave even more effectively, it helps to remove the areas you already know aren't going to perform well. For example, if I were to turn on conversion optimizer, I would do a quick find for "dead weight" and turn off keywords that have never converted, but have cost a significant amount of money. This helps the algorithm run better in my experience.

Finally, consider:

  • ROAS bidding try to bid lower on less profitable placements, but why not save yourself the trouble from bidding at all on places you know are low quality?

Cheers Nariman! Happy optimizing.