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Removing 'foreign' clicks from a campaign.

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Cobnut provided some good thoughts about maximising clicks within a small area in UK, where Google is poor at recognising even quite large, well defined areas.


He talked about location exlclusion settings & i thought I would offer my experience of this to the community.


Previously my location settings allowed searches/clicks from everyone, everywhere. Using 'Dimensions' reporting i saw that lots of those clicks were in fact :


1 - From a location outside UK - Therefore useless to me as I only serve a small area just outside London, UK.

2  -From cities within the UK that are more than 50  miles away, so are just as useless to me.

( I am happy with clicks within 50miles, as people might well be working at an office in those areas, but looking for my service, in my area, anyway ).


I found that by using the location settings & creating a long list of excluded countries, plus excluded UK cities ( use the dimension reports to see which locations searches are being made from ) ; plus changing the exlude location setting to 'exclude searches from places in my excluded list' ; I could limit all my clicks to those made within that 50m radius of my home area.


So now my clicks are much more relevant.

The phone still rings as many times as it did before.

Clicks are now 99% made from within my home area.

Clicks are a lot more likely to be relevant to my area & I am spending less on them without affecting the amount of business I do !


Still more tweaks to be made to my campaigns but its a really good change that has excellent value.


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Re: Removing 'foreign' clicks from a campaign.

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Awesome!  I think @Jon_Gritton will be very happy to hear about your success!


Great work all around!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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