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Remove search query with product dimensions

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Hi All,

I am using exact & phrase match type for the keyword 'Poster frames' ( [poster frames], "poster frames") .When I checked matched search query in analytics there are several search query with product dimension like poster frame 50x70, poster frames 61x91, 102 cm x 138m cm poster frame.


How to stop triggering Ads for such keywords? What to add in negative keywords?



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Re: Remove search query with product dimensions

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Hi santosh, the simple answer is to select the frequently searched terms and "Add as Negative" but...


I'd question why you'd want to do this.  Presumably your business sells a variety of frame sizes so there's two things to consider here: 


a) someone may search for a specific size, but may not be set on buying that size.  When they see your range they may decide to buy a different size, or may decide to buy additional frames at different sizes.


b) if you get a lot of searches for a particular size, you should really be looking to stock that size in your range - be driven by what your customers are looking for.


Adding a size to the search term is a pretty good indicator of intent to buy so these searches are quite valuable and I'd be very hesitant to exclude them all without good reason.



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Re: Remove search query with product dimensions

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Hi All

In the case of my client, any search involving a unit of measurement (i.e. with cm or mm ) is not welcome.

Such search queries imply a shopper looking for individual units, but my client only sells complete package solutions of their product.

So, we want to stop our ads triggering for any search query that involves a unit of measurement (i.e. 500mm or 50cm etc)

Will adding "mm" and "cm" as a negative phrase match have the desired effect?

Thanks in advance


Re: Remove search query with product dimensions

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Hi Nick,

Adding phrase mm and cm will block queries for example: 500 cm, 500 mm, 50 cm, 50 mm but will not block 50cm, 50mm, 500cm, 500mm because of no space and considered single term.

To block these you need to add these individually in negative list. You can run search query report and add all these as negatives and also if you have fair idea about dimensions you can manually create add them.

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