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Hello Experts,


What would you consider to be the best way to use remarketing with Google Analytics? 


Looking forward to your responses Smiley Happy

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September 2016

Re: Remarketing

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Hey Amolliah, how are things?

I think that "the best way" will be very relative to each segment/business/company, but here is something that I see a lot with my clients.

My thought on this is that advertisers only need to use Google Analytics Remarketing feature if they are going to use some Analytics data to create the filters. If you're not going to use analytics data for the lists, it's easier to use Adwords Remarketing instead.

It's more like an evolution of the process. You can start using Adwords remarketing and if you feel the need to use more in-depth filters like combining sessions, specific media sources, demographic for instance, then you can then migrate to Analytics.

I use Analytics remarkting often for e-commerce website since they need very specific conditions, specially for seasonal traffic (which you can filter on Analytics more accurate then o Adwords).

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Remarketing

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Hi Leandro,

Thanks for your response. Very good explanation!