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Hello Experts,


People who will visit my website on 2016 want to show them my Ads on 2017.

Is this possbile?

Is this remarketing?

Which type of remarketing i will use?

How I will collect the data?

How I will use that data?


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November 2015

Re: Remarketing

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Hey Lisa, how are things?

Remarketing is a feature where you can present ads for people that already visited your website (everyone, not only people from Adwords campaigns).

It works by installing a little code on your entire website (similar to Google Analytics) and when people visit those coded pages, you will store them on your Remarketing List.

By default, Remarekting Lists holds the users for 30 days, but you can change that up to 540 days for Google Display Network, and up to 180 days for Google Search Network, so yes, you can show ads in 2017 for people you engage with on 2016, but that's a loooong time to consider. You may loose a lot of people in the process due to things like user cleaning the browser information.

Remarketing for me is something more of a short-term engagement. You want to reach people when they are interested on your product, and maybe a year from now, this interested will be probably gone.

Here are two very helpful articles for you:

How Remarketing works:

About remarketing lists:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click