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Remarketing with :google analytics or google adwords ?

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What are the differences between them for Remarketing...which one works better??

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September 2015

Re: Remarketing with :google analytics or google adwords ?

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Great Question.

I have used both and they seem to work effectively.

The differences are the codes that are applied to the website and personal preferences and ability to edit code or apply codes (tags)

Personally I prefer the Upgrade Universal Analytics and remarketing, Better tracking of data holistically.

About Remarketing

Adding remarketing for your site via Adwords Tags

Remarketing with Google Analytics

Adding remarketing list in Adwords from Analytics

Again, I think it comes down to a personal preference and your ability to edit your site and place code correctly and sever response.

If you site has issues with Analytics data, then use the Adwords Code.
If your site provides accurate data and there are no issues with Analytics then keep it all together with Analytics.

Again personal preference, they work the same.
Some prefer Adwords Code. Others prefer Analytics

Let see what others have to say..