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Remarketing tag 'ecomm_pname' valid or not ?

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I see a lot of production websites who are using the value 'ecomm_pname' in the remarketing tag.


But when I read the documentation on


There is nothing mentioned about this tag. Is this tag still active, new or obsolete ?


Kind regards for sharing your information!

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September 2015

Re: Remarketing tag 'ecomm_pname' valid or not ?

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Google Employee

Hi KS,


Thank you for posting on our Community forum. Regarding your question on whether the tag "ecomm_pname" is valid or not, the answer is no it is not a valid tag in the basic setup for remarketing list. There are only 3 tags (see below) which are used for [Dynamic] remarketing lists as referenced in the Add the dynamic remarketing tag to your site Help Center article which can be found here:


  • ecomm_prodid
  • ecomm_pagetype
  • ecomm_totalvalue


However when I did a google search for "ecomm_pname", I did find reference of the tag on this Community thread "Problems with implementing GA Remarketing using Tagmanager & Datalayer."  In the thread discussion, it shows the tag was using Tag Manager API to implement remarketing via Google Analytics.


In short, you should be fine just using the regular remarketing tags unless you plan on using Tag Manager API or a custom/3rd party plugin for your dynamic remarketing tags.


If you'd like to learn more about Tag Manager, please visit this link:



Re: Remarketing tag 'ecomm_pname' valid or not ?

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Hi, i just saw your question. As far as dynamic remarketing tags, you can use various tags to target product viewers and show the visitors the products they have viewed.

For example,

and virtually endless. As far as google's tags they are just the outline. You can create 100's and 100's of dynamic tags.

Re: Remarketing tag 'ecomm_pname' valid or not ?

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Having ecomm_pname doesn't hurt your implementation, but it doesn't help it either, unless you're planning on segmenting your users based on that parameter, for instance by creating an audience list with a definition like "ecomm_pname contains shoes"


The custom parameters passed to the AdWords remarketing tag are free form, you can pass whatever key/value pair that you want for segmentation purposes, but for the purpose of dynamic remarketing campaigns, the only mandatory parameters are ecomm_prodid, ecomm_pagetype and ecomm_totalvalue