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Remarketing not working

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I have set up a simple remarketing campaign, targeted to general visitors to my site. No keywords, no placements, no interest groups, so I guess this covers all sites the group visits.


The list is small, around 200 at the moment, but not a single ad has shown. What I am doing wrong?

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September 2015

Re: Remarketing not working

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Hello Javier ,


Even if the list is 200 this is the number of browsers which accepted the cookies. The system cannot decrease the list when a user clears the cache and cookies. Also not all of them are online everyday.


Now what is up to you :Include text ads because banners are not accomodated by all publishers and text ads occupy less space and their avg.CPC is usually less.


Initially raise bids until you receive impressions after a few hours or 1 day.


I personally see a ratio of 5% impressions per day vs. the audience so for 10.000 I get 500 impr.