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Remarketing is not allowed

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Hey AdWords people,


I can NOT use remarketing because I do lead generation campaign for medical company.

Is there anyway how can I filter / don not show ads to people who already are my leads?


Thank you,



- Lukas
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Re: Remarketing is not allowed

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Hey Lukas,


I am not sure what you mean here.


Are you saying that Remarketing campaign you created was disallowed by AdWords due to policy issue but you still want to run Remarketing?



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September 2015

Re: Remarketing is not allowed

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This is correct;

Interest based campaigns (e.g Remarketing) are not allowed, if they could imply / infer the user's medical condition or sexsual orientation;

So, if you are running a Remarketing campaign for a medication, which is a cure for an illness - this could imply / infer  on the medical condition of the user "you are after". - This is a violation, and thus not allowed.

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