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Remarketing in Search Campaigns

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I'm setting up remarketing in my search campaigns. I just have a few questions:

I'm currently putting an audience list in all of my broad match adgroups and setting it to "bid only". First and foremost, it doesn't seem to let me adjust the bid for my audience list, which would be nice because if they have been to my site and are triggering my keywords I would obviously like to be more aggressive with the bidding. Why can I not adjust the bids on my audience list? Would it be recommended to put them in the exact and phrase match type adgroups? Also, should I set up a separate adgroup for "target and bid" as well?

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Re: Remarketing in Search Campaigns

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The behavior for RLSA is different from "regular" search.

As you mention - you know that they have already been on your site - and it's safe to assume that for many of them - if they are running a new search then they are more motivated than they were on the first visit. so the first thing we can do is bid more aggressively.

We can also bid on broader keywords than we might do for the first time visitor... for example, we might not bid on a more generic keyword for first time visitors because of the wastage we would get.

But because these visitors are "pre-qualified" we can relax a little.

But these decisions don't work within a campaign targeting everyone - which is why it is a good idea to set up a separate RLSA campaign - easy to do - just copy/paste and then adjust the targeting.

Then you can increase bids and relax the match types....

Hope that helps

Re: Remarketing in Search Campaigns

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Just a small addition to the  answer given by Steve;
Due to privacy - signed in user (into their Google accounts) will not be added to  RLSA lists.

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