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Remarketing campaign with really low impressions

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I know there are a lot of posts like this but i still couldn't find the right answer.


My remarketing campaign was getting around 6000 impressions per day untill 25 Fev.


That day i added a test folder to my web server to test new page layouts, in which contained the same html tag code for the remarketing campaign (not sure if that would cause any problem) so i deleted it.


Since then i only get around 500/700 impressions per day.


Could anyone please suggest anything? I didn't change anything except that test folder and i already deleted it.


Best regards!

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Re: Remarketing campaign with really low impressions

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Hi @Webdesign E has the size of your audience list changed?  Has the number of visitors coming to your site changed?  Has the number of impressions fallen evenly across all sites, or has just one or two sites dropped off the reports (i.e. has a site that was generating a lot of impressions blocked your Ad)?


Of course, I'm assuming you've triple checked that your remarketing code is still in place and functioning where you expect it to be...




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Remarketing campaign with really low impressions

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My audience size is 5400, the number of visitor even grew up a bit (around 200 per day) altought yesterday it had a bit less since the remarketing campaign is behaving oddly.


I really don't know what to do anymore.


Thanks for your answer!

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Remarketing campaign with really low impressions

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Hello again,


Today I am having more impressions in the display campaign than what i had yesterday and on monday.


Maybe i'll just have to wait some time to "regain" the normal impressions in that campaign?


Best regards.