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Remarketing based on Website Cookie

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I'm trying to set up a remarketing list in my adwords account based on a cookie we use on our website. 


Basically, I'm trying to target people who haven't signed up for an eletter. If someone has signed up, there are no special URL parameters. So visiters of a page, etc. doesn't work.


Do any of the options for "Who do you want to add to your list" do this? How can I set up adwords to detect this cookie?



Re: Remarketing based on Website Cookie

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Hi Charles,
Is there any way you can give users a "Thank you for signing up" page after they sign up for the enewsletter? That would be the easiest way to do this. As far as I know, you cannot run Remarketing by having it detect a cookie you set.

Another possible way to do this is to use Google Analytics Remarketing -

Via Google Analytics you can then set up different goals, and/or Event Tracking, Via Event Tracking, you can track the users who click on the "Sign Up" button and count that as a Conversion and exclude those users from your Remarketing list.

Re: Remarketing based on Website Cookie

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This is tricky. 

If you are looking to remarket on search network you can use GA remarketing and create a virtual pageview on cluck of subscribe button. That way you can filter out users who have signed up for your e-letter.

Home this makes sense


Regards, Nik
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