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Remarketing and creating custom combination lists

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We are really focusing on remarketing for our clients.  However, on our landing pages, we don't have any sort of confirmation page that we could set as a URL for a custom combination list.


Are we able to use virtual pages (how we track conversions at this point through GA) as an actual URL that will help us set up a custom combination list?  So for all our users that landed on the page, but never saw the 'virtual page'.


Thanks for the help.

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September 2015

Re: Remarketing and creating custom combination lists

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Hi rypowers,


I don't know the answer to your question about virtual pageviews, but I do have a suggestion as to how to accomplish your task.


Log into your AdWords account and create a new re-marketing tag for this purpose only. This tag will be "tag-based". Get the remarketing code. Now, go to the "noscript" section and copy out the image part only (or you can include the div tags around the image, but do not include the noscript tags. When the virtual pageview is recorded, create that image in the content that is returned with your message. I'm figuring you are using AJAX or something similar to deliver content. If a script simply fires an alert() with a thank you message without leabing the page, have that script create the image on the client side.


This will create your re-marketing list(s). Do this for each list you wish to use in a custom combination list.


Best of Luck!




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