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Remarketing ad rank calculation

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Hi everyone!

Greetings from Bulgaria! Smiley Happy


I would appreciate your experience with Adwords regarding the following question:


How is the ad rank of the remarketing ads calculated?

Is there preference towards interest based targeting on paticular ads

(Example: contextual targeted ad is relevant to the website contect but in the same in the ad auction enters remarketing targeted ad to the particular visitor of the page.

I know that the ad with the highest ad rank will show but how is the rank calculated if we have user targeting?)

Is there some way the website itself to know how much of his inventory impressions is served to remarketing users than other Adwords targeting.

I hope i have conveyed my problem here. It is more general.


Thank you!

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Re: Remarketing ad rank calculation

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Hello Ivellina,


As far as the ad auction process is concerned, I believe that it's almost similar how regular ad auction works for Google Search network. The only difference could be that here it will depend upon how you are competing with other advertisers in terms of placements, bids etc...


As far as Interest based ads are concerned, I just went through the help center article and it said that there is some additional service fee which is included during the ad auction process. You can find more details here:



Re: Remarketing ad rank calculation

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In Remarketing, you just narrow the audiences targeted. They way your ad takes part in an auction. when a user within the audience is browsing a web page - remains the same.
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