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Remarketing List Figures Not Updating

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Our remarketing audience lists have not updated over the last few weeks, both numbers in existing lists as well as new audiences created. No code has been changed to my knowledge.


Some background info: we created a new Adwords account so most of these remarketing audiences are "shared" lists. The new lists were created in the new account.


Anyone know what the problem might be here?

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September 2015

Re: Remarketing List Figures Not Updating

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Hi David,


There could be few things I could think of:


I don't know whether you created a rule based or it's a tag based remarketing list. If it's a rule based, you need to cross check whether the rule you created is actually correct or not.


There might be any issues with the code present on your web pages where you installed the code. You could cross check that by looking at the actual code and the code running on your site. You could also use Tag Assistant available in Chrome browser for cross checking the code.


Find more details in this reference:


Hope that helps!


Re: Remarketing List Figures Not Updating

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Thanks for your reply. I will look into the items you mentioned.