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Remarketing:Google Vs Competitors

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Hello AdWords Community,


I need your help to enlighten me on Remarketing. I have not tried it yet on AdWords, but our company is considering ADROLL Remarketing.


Of course, if remarketing is something we can execute for free in Google, why would I back up such idea.


I have read the wiki and discussion forums and this looks appealing to me, but what I am concerned about is that we are a local directory, does this strategy suits us? How should I go about it? 



Please share your success stories as well as the challenges you encountered.


I am looking forward for your assistance.



More Power,
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Re: Remarketing:Google Vs Competitors

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Hi Loraine,


First off, Google Remarketing and Retargeting (ADROLL) are two very different things.


I cannot speak to ADROLL so you will have to do some homework on them.


Remarketing is quite simple but not free, you still pay as you would for any AdWords campaign and in AdWords, this is only available on the Display Network.


Any sort of retargeting should be set up with a strategy in mind, that you need to decide upon first and foremost.  I have used it numerous times successfully to serve very specific ads to "AdWords Ad Clickers" who had not yet converted.  These users had shown interest at some level so I attempted to entice them to return to a website, perhaps with a better offer or a different approach. Other times, I have used it to target all website visitors for general branding, keeping the brand in the users mind can also be beneficial, depending on overall marketing goals.


Advise I would give to anyone thinking about remarketing is to get your list strategy outlined and get the code on your site ASAP.  You need 100 members on a list before you can target them with a campaign.


If you have any more specific questions, please let us know. 


I know you mentioned that you read previous threads and this is a great idea, there are many great remarketing threads here on the community.





Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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