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Remarketing Campaign Cookies

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J'ai une petite question à vous soumettre dans le cas d'une campagne de remarketing Google.

Lorsque plusieurs cookies ont été activité lors de la navigation de l'internaute sur une site mettant en place du remarketing, la diffusion des annonces se hierarchise de quelle manière?


Un exemple : Je suis sur un site e-commerce de prêt à porter, je consulte des chaussures et des pulls, je me rends sur un site partenaire du réseau Google, admettons que le site e-commerce ai créée des annonces pour chaque catégorie de produit, quelles annonces me sera diffusées ? Un système de hierarchie aux temps passé sur chacun des produits?


Merci de vos réponses 

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Re: Remarketing Campaign Cookies

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Hi Valentin - I understand enough French to follow the question but not enough to respond in French Smiley Frustrated


Once you have added the remarketing tager site wide, you can then build segmented lists based on elements in the urls - so, for example, if your urls contain the product categories, tjhis would be a good way to build a list for those people that looked at products within that category... then build an ad campaign focusing on that category and drive the visitors back to that category main page, or a category specific landing page - I sometimes get clients to build a welcome back type of page with a special offer or discount...


As another tip - build another list based on the url of your "thank you" page - the page a client who completes a purchase gets to. Then you can exclude them... i.e. all the people who looked at pages in category 1, and none of the people who completed a purchase.


This way you are not advertising to people whjo already bought from you - and who - as a result, you have complete contact details for, as there are probably much better ways of following up with them that remarketing.


Bon chance

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Re: Remarketing Campaign Cookies

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Hello, Valentin.


Currently you can only decide what ads to show to which audience by segmenting the audience before adding cookies to a list. The system does not take the time spent on a particular page and decide the page is more important than another one where you spent less time.


However, Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads in beta now (the way Amazon and Criteo and other commapnies are doing it), and they will allow E-Commerce advertisers to show previously visited products as part of dynamic ads.


The specific targeting algorithms are not known to me yet, but at least one will be able to show previously visited products; in theory, the product feed has information about the product brand and the category as well, so if they will decide to include these features one will be able to target by brand and category as well.


But we'll have to be patient, as it is still in beta for the moment.

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Re: Remarketing Campaign Cookies

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Hi valentin r


For any future questions, please post them on our French AdWords Community.