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Remarketing Audience Reset

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I set up a remarketing adwords campaign for a funeral/cremation service provider client. A remarketing audience list of 571 aleady showed up under audiences. I only want to remarket to new visitors because I'm sure all have already used my client or another service provider. 1. How can/should I reset this audience list? 2. With the emergency nature of this service, does it make sense to take the remarketing duration down to 2 days. 3. Does remarketing fit for this type of client?

Re: Remarketing Audience Reset

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You would want to create a new ReMarketing list to make sure you're getting only new folks, and yes, setting this new tag to expire after only a couple days sounds like a good idea. People looking to hire these services are making their decisions very quickly.


My gut reaction was that remarketing isn't a good fit for this particular business but perhaps give it a trial run. ReMarketing tends to be for buying funnels that include many steps and for making multiple impressions on reluctant customers.


I'd would think that search marketing would probably be your primary avenue.