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Remarketing: Am I Doing Something Wrong?

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I would say that I have a very simple remarketing campaign. Almost as simple as it can get. But I still need a ton of lists to make it work. Just wondering if I am missing something very basic... 


So let's say I have a site that sells widgets. I want to remarket to people who haven't converted. I want to remarket differently based on time since they visited my site (3-10 days, 10-30 days, 30-90 days).


Here are the lists I have. It seems a bit excessive. Can I eliminate a step here?


  1. All (all visitors of my site) membership duration: 100 days
  2. 0-3 Days (all visitors of my site) membership duration: 3 days
  3. 0-10 Days (all visitors) membership duration: 10 days
  4. 0-30 Days (all visitors) membership duration: 30 days
  5. 0-90 Days (all visitors) membership duration: 90 days
  6. Conversions (anyone visiting a thank-you page all time) membership duration: 100 days
  7. 3-10 Days No Conversions (List 3 - #2 - #6)
  8. 10-30 Days No Conversions (List 4 -#3 - #6)
  9. 30-90 Daoys No Conversions (List 5 - #4 - #6)

So it's pretty much 9 lists when I only *need* 3 of them. Is that normal? And it would only get more complex as I start to remarket more specifically. Just thought maybe I'm missing something or making it more complicated than it is.

Re: Remarketing: Am I Doing Something Wrong?

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Hi birchlore,


You might think you've got a simple set up but it's a lot more advanced than a lot of people are using RM for.


Basically you have 6 lists (1-6) and 3 custom combinations (7-9)


You could get rid of (1) as your 90 day list (5) pretty much covers that.

You need (2) to exclude from your 3-10 day non converters

You need (3) to exclude from 10-30 day non converters

You need (4) to exclude from 30-90 day non converters

You need (5) to include people up to 90 days

You need (6) to exclude from all custom combinations


It does look like they can get a bit out of control if you keep adding more lists and combinations but it's the way it works. I have had RM campaigns with over 80 lists and combinations. I found one of the most important things is to make sure you name the lists correctly and as accurately as possible.