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Regarding Quality Score & CPC- Search Campaign

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Hello Everyone,


I have created 2 campaigns 2 days back, one is for search network & second is call only. While creating campaign both campaign was paused. I used few keywords and put those keywords in campaign, when i checked quality score it was showing 3/4 for every keyword. All keywords was in BMM and phrase match type, top page bid is high. When i edit keyword and put "+" symbol in with any single word (laptop +repair service tokiyo) quality score has changed, it was showing 9/10 and top page bid is low.


In above example laptop +repair service tokiyo chances of irrelevant click is high as we have given priority to "repair" term. Here our CPA would be high.


1) Now please tell me why Google showing low quality score for paused keywords?

2) If we will use keyword in broad match in sake of good quality score, our CPC would be high or low? Would it be a right approach use keyword in broad match?

3) As per my knowledge in the beginning whatever quality score reflecting it doesn't matter. Actual quality score Google give if after 10-15 days when ads will start performing, on that basis?  

4) CPA would be low in which match type Broad, BMM, Exact or Phrase?



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September 2015

Re: Regarding Quality Score & CPC- Search Campaign

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Hello there @Pankaj S

The predominant factor of QS is CTR. The higher the CTR, the higher the QS;

Do remember that initially you are granted a "default QS" (based on other advertisers QS for the exact match type of this KW)  until sufficient data us collected by the system about your own campaign performance.

Also, do remember that QS is a relative score.  There are verticals in which it's hard to  perform above average..


So, work on your CTR. (The usual techniques: match type, ad relevancy, etc...)  

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Re: Regarding Quality Score & CPC- Search Campaign

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Dear Pankaj,

1. Might be paused keywords are used in your campaign earlier so they have already quality score associated with them.
2. CPC would be low in broad match as , broad keyword tigger many keywords at once so there cpc would be low (including long tail keywords).
3. if your ad start performing your quality score will be increased.
4. In Broad match cpc would be low.

Let me know if you have more questions.