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Regarding Display Ad Slots

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If you have text ads and image ads targeting the same audience in the same campaigns, can text ads cannibalize the spots that your image ads would be placed?

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January 2016

Re: Regarding Display Ad Slots

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Hi Chris, how are things?

If the website have slots for Image Ads, text ads usually appears when there's no relevant advertiser for that spot at that time. Image Ads tends to require higher bids for the auction compared to Text Ads, Otherwise, Adwords tends to prefer Image Ads rather than Text Ads when the image slot is available.

Some people includes at least one text ad along with the images, in case their image does not comply with that auction, they would have the chance to appear with the Text Ad.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Regarding Display Ad Slots

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@Chris H;

This is a nice question. There is no 'double serving" policy on the display network;

Actually, you could configure the display campaign in a structure which allows you to occupy more  than one slot on the web site, giving your ads a more presence and visibility on the website.

To do that, I recommend to set  separate ad-groups, setting   an ad-group based on  banner sizes so you could bid higher  on the burgers banners.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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