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Refine the "Similar to All Converters" list?

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Hi all,


I been trying to figure out how to refine the "Similar to All Converters" list which is a similar audience based on the "All Converters" audience.


I tried creating an audience through Google Analytics that takes converters but then adds other conditions like gender, affinity category, etc. However, this audience didn't qualify for a "similar" list and my assumption is that this list is too small.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could create a "Similar" audience to the "All Converters" but have more control over who qualifies for this list (besides that they converted)?

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Refine the "Similar to All Converters" list?

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As I understand your question, you have "All Converters" audience list and you want to create "Similar" audience list.


We don't have option to create "Similar" Audience list, it is auto generated by Google. In this audience list Google will add those people whose search behavior is similar to your site visitors. These people are more likely to be potential customers. So if you will add this similar audience list your campaign/adgroup your number of conversion can increase.


Hope this will help.



Pankaj Sharma