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Referrals for a one time adwords tune-up

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We are a small business that just needs a one time tune up of our adwords account. I realize we may need more but we really can't afford more. Our monthly adwords budget is about $300 and all the companies we have seen charge at least double that for a monthly service. I have checked out the Google Certified Partners and most wont even talk to us without a contract and many have HORRIBLE reputations.

Does anyone know of a reputable person or company that focuses on truly small businesses (we have 8 employees) and one time affordable adwords account maintenance for less than $500?

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Re: Referrals for a one time adwords tune-up

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Hi My C,

I don't know of any. Believe or not, I could use someone like that. If you find one, please let us know!

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Re: Referrals for a one time adwords tune-up

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At the risk of contradicting the previous posters, let me point out that some agencies do offer a similar service. They perform an "audit" on your AdWords account performance and offer you ideas and suggestions for improving performance. I'm sure you can find one willing to go the extra step to actually make some tweaks to your account if you do some checking around.


I'm sure I don't need to tell you, based on what you've already said, to interview, get references, and make sure both sides have a solid understanding of what is needed. You should ask them for ideas, also, of what you should monitor and be prepared to make changes to going forward.


Community guidelines  prohibit our members from offering their own services so unless someone here has used an agency they are willing to endorse publicly, I'm not sure anyone can give you a specific recommendation.


Good luck!



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