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Receiving Less Number of Conversion than before

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I have breaked my campaign into titly theme adgroups but now I have received less number of conversions than before. Why it is so?

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Re: Receiving Less Number of Conversion than before

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Hi Rohit,


There  is no definite reason behind that as far as my understanding goes. When you split your campaign into further small ad groups, you need to ensure that you are sending users to the specific landing page and the ad copies you have, are specific to your product/services.


Did you check the search terms you are getting? How's the quality now?


Try and keep a close eye on all the search terms, add constant negative terms to get the relevant traffic only. 


There could be a possibility that you are getting low conversions, but if the structure is correct, quality of the lead should be good since you are targeting more granular.


My Thoughts!


Re: Receiving Less Number of Conversion than before

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When you break a campaign down into smaller AdGroups, it's important to check that you are including the performing keywords from the previous setup. Obviously not all keywords need transferred over, but quite often I see people implementing additional refinements at the same time as an AdGroup restructure, namely cutting out what appear to be under performing keywords, and implementing match types.


While both are excellent ways to refine, they do of course reduce the amount of keyword queries your ad is likely to appear for. If implemented incorrectly, or without much research, you may actually find you close off some phrase or broad match keywords that were driving conversions.


I'd recommend using the Search Query report in Google Analytics to match previous conversions to user search terms, and then look at your new AdGroup structure to ensure the keywords within it are setup such that ads do still appear for those high converting search queries.


Secondly, I'd check your negative keywords, to make sure you haven't accidentally added a keyword that blocks important traffic.


Out of interest, is it just conversions that are down, or are clicks / impressions also down?


Hope this helps.