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Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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Hello Team,


I have a call extensions, conversion tracking, clicks and impressions, are high.. My Bid is always high.. But No calls. I have got one or two calls last month. Can someone please guide me here. Thanks.. Lavanya (Account Manager for the company)..




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Re: Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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Good morning.


Improving results for a campaign is something we all struggle with, so you are not alone.


First, when you say you're not getting cals, do you mean from the Call Extension in the campaign or are you trying to drive calls from your website pages? Or both?


In general, I say that Call Extensions in a campaign can be a good thing if you're selling a product or service that people might make an instant decision about.  Someone looking for an emergency plumber is much more likely to just call if they see a phone number than someone researching a new car. So, what you're selling is going to have a big impact on whether or not call extensions drive call volume.


On your website, you need to select your landing page(s) carefully, even designing new pages specifically to serve your paid search traffic if necessary. On those pages, you need to give visitors a compelling reason to pick up the phone--ask yourself, what kind of information or offer would make people decide it's worth the investment of time to call and talk to someone?


Aside from that, you didn't provide enough details for me to offer anything more specific by way of ideas. Sorry.

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Re: Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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Just to add to Theresa's advice..... the AdWords campaign is designed to drive pre-qualified traffic to your website. By pre-qualified I mean that this is traffic that has been selected through the choice of keywords - exclusion by negative keywords - and the attraction of relevant ad copy.

Once these visitors get to the website it is the job of the website to get them to call.

This might sound simplistic - and I suppose it is - but let's dig a little deeper.... why might people not be calling once they get to your site?

One possibility is that they are not as qualified as we might think. Take a look at the search terms report - are people actually searching for your service or product? Or are they actually looking for something else and triggering your ads. Optimize your keywords and look to add negative keywords along the way.

Does your ad copy make it clear what you do/sell? Again our intention should be to avoid the wasted clicks - those people who are not really looking for us....

And then you should be looking to your website. Could you make improvements? Is your telephone number prominent enough? Is there a "call us now" call to action? Is there an alternative to calling you - in case people don't really want to call - a form or a sign up box?

Are you sending people to your home page or have you developed a specific landing page for the specific campaign that has triggered this visit?

Driving traffic to your website is not enough. It needs to be qualified traffic and then your website needs to do its share of the work.

Re: Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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Agreeing to what experts have suggested here, I will put some more points.

1) Do you think relevant keywords are triggering your ad? It's very important to create an ad copy that complements to your keywords and landing page. So I suggest you review your ad copy and keywords once again.

2) Apart from call extension, what is the other way you are using to track your visitors? Is there any form and what are your offerings through this form? I would suggest you should also check stats for these conversions as well. This will also enable to identify relevance of your ad copy, landing page and keywords.

I hope this helps.

Kapil M

Re: Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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Adwords is a complete scam. They claim I get all of these clicks but somehow I get no calls. I know for a fact it's them that are clicking to run my bill but no results. Google adwords are complete liars. I use yahoo and bing as well and never have this problem. They charge me saying I'm getting clicks but my phone don't ring one time. That's like a person going to walmart everyday but never buys anything. Maybe these imaginary customers are clicking because they need finger exercise on their keyboard

Re: Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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These are fairly serious allegations, Al J.... Complete liars? You know for a fact that it's them clicking on your ads... can you support that claim in any way?

This aside, here's the thing.... if this is just a scam, then it is the biggest scam in history - and along the way, many of my clients are making good money as a result of their activity and participation in the grand illusion aimed at.... well, you, apparently.

People do go into stores without buying things... because they cannot find what they are looking for, or because it's more expensive than the store next door - or, maybe they just don't like the salesperson, or the decor.

If you are getting clicks and yet not converting those clicks, then you should be looking inwards not outwards... please go back and read my previous post by way of explanation....

And, finally, you do know that you are not obliged to advertise on Adwords, right? If you cannot make it work then stop using it. Or get the help of a professional who can help you to get it working for your business.

Re: Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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All I will say is, I get clicks, in fact, I got 2 more clicks on my campaign after checking my campaign analysis on my mobile app. I have racked up £58 pounds from 18 clicks only two people have actually contacted me. Is this an effective way of doing business? Do people just troll your campaign ads? Google as big as they are should be wiser and one step ahead of people who troll otther people's site. Am getting charged just for someone to read the contents of my website? Seriously? There should be information about those clicking your ads on your analysis management. With these analysis, you can trace, call, or block an IP address you think is trolling your ads. Without these, the Ads is just not a very good plus.

Re: Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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Let me see if I have understood this correctly....

you have spent £58 and received 18 clicks - so a cost per click of fractionally over £3... and of those 18 visitors, 2 have called you...

That's a cost per contact of £29 - and an 11% conversion rate...

Most of my clients would be delighted to get those kind of numbers.

I'm not sure I understand your point - I'm sorry, it's probably me!

Re: Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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Thanks for the reply, but if you tell me that having 2 calls out of 18
clicks is a success then I am beginning to wonder what success is.

This brings me back to the question, are those clicking the ads genuine
customers? How could someone go on your page and not decided to mail, or
call? The most clicks have had is on the Office cleaning. The clicks are
almost everyday, but no calls from any of them. Its making the whole thing
frustrating, and very annoying.

Imagine having 10 clicks on Office cleaning with no single call from the
10 clicks? Why cant we trace the people searching or where we have been
searched ? If our IP addresses are being monitored, why cant we also be
able to track those viewing us? Most smaller sites will tell you, you
have been viewed by someone. Why cant Google ads run that way or is there
anything not obvious?

How do I know this is not one of my competitors clicking on my ads? Am
sure customers who intended to look for something online is doing that
for a good reason and so, whether , the site looks good or bad, as far as
their is a way to contact the owner of the site, there is always going to
be a call or a message.

Unfortunately, I dont run this campaign myself. Its being done for the
whole group. If I was doing this myself, I would be happy controlling
my cost especially when I have got 10 clicks no calls.

Re: Receiving AdWords clicks but no calls

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Er, yes - I guess that's what I am saying.

I'd love to hear from others here on the forum, but for most of my clients 2 calls from 18 website visits would represent a successful campaign.

and you can monitor characteristics such as geo location, browser, OS etc in Google Analytics - this will often help determine if it is the same person clicking on your ads....

But let's get back to your question....

You offer office cleaning services. This is not a one off job, but something (presumably) that you offer on an ongoing contract basis. and I'm assuming you do a great job at a fair price....

So once you contract a client, you are probably working wit them for some months if not years.

So, how much is a client worth to you? $500? $2,000? $5,000?

Let's say a client is only worth $500 to you. would it be worth paying $100 to get that client?


So you need to convert one out of every 4 (approx) that call you into becoming new clients.

These are the kind of numbers that you need to get to stack. Once you get them working, it's a question of how many of these visitors do you want....

and, let me take you to task on one other point you make - and I quote:

sure customers who intended to look for something online is doing that
for a good reason and so, whether , the site looks good or bad, as far as
their is a way to contact the owner of the site, there is always going to
be a call or a message.

You are an office cleaning service. If your own website looks a mess people will not contact you.

People are put off websites for a whole bunch of reasons. Is the email address a hotmail address? Is the only phone number a cell phone? Is the "Latest News" item something from 6 months ago? Are there spelling mistakes all over the place?

People looking for anything have a massive amount of choice. They will not look at the first website they find and contact only that person and then do business with them without checking out a whole bunch of things.

In your case, they are going to let you into their office - probably when they are not there. You'll have keys to their premises and codes for their alarm systems in many cases. you make it sound as if it's a simple decision and something that you arrange after a quick google search.

I doubt that very much.