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Reach and Frequency settings

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Looking for some insight on optimizing frequency using display network text ads. If I get roughly the same CTR no matter the frequency like this example:


100k impressions, freq 1, .05% CTR

50k impressions, freq 2, .05% CTR

20k impressions, freq 3, .05% CTR


Is the best response to set the frequency at 1 with the idea that more unique persons will see the ad and increase brand recognition?


Will my CPC go down with frequency set at 1 because I'm using up less ad spots in that market?


Are there advantages to a high frequency when CTR is identical?


Thank you!


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Re: Reach and Frequency settings

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Hi Brian,


Frequecy capping is a great method to reduce Ad fatigue. Increasing the likelyhood of user interaction (CTR).


But as you mentioned your objective is branding, then setting a frequency of one or three won't be a good idea.


In search network people actually use keywords to find a product, service or information.


But on the Display Network people just stumble on to ads related with the content on the site they are, or based on user preferences.


Because of the same reason, people may notice your ads or may not. Depends upon ad relevancy and visibility.


This is the fundamental reason why CTR in display network is normally very less compared to search network.


So when you set your frequecy very low (1-3) the chances of those ads getting noticed by the unique users are less.


And frequency cap don't have any direct relation with CPC. Low frequency caps may actually increase CPC because with just one appearance most of your prospects will be ignoring your ad, resulting in low CTR and quality score.


I am surprised to see from your statistics that the impressions actually got reduced with increase in frequecy cap (expected the opposite).


Try using a higher frequency cap (eg: 10) and check the results.


Hope this helps.



Re: Reach and Frequency settings

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I should have said unique users instead of impressions... it's from the standard reach and frequency report. This is more accurate:


100k unique users, freq 1, .05% CTR

50k unique users, freq 2, .05% CTR

20k unique users, freq 3, .05% CTR


The users at higher freauencies are statistically insignificant because they drop off dramatically, so they are not included in this example. There are no quality scores because this is a display campaign with no key words.


Thanks for the reply.. anyone else want to take a crack at my questions?



Re: Reach and Frequency settings

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Hi Brian,


Because it's on the display network a lot of people are pretty blind to the ads they see so it's not going to have a big difference in your CTR at all when we are talking about frequencies of between 1 and 3. Most are reading the content, viewing shopping sites etc. I'd not worry too much about it. 


I find it takes a different approach to optimize remarketing ads (you can't blend the ads into the sites like you can with managed placements) so you really have to think about what you are offering in the ads and don't just run a standard ad. Use a dedicated landing page for them so you can reinforce your offer as well.


These people have already been to your site & are aware of your brand so you need to give them something a little bit extra to improve the CTR. 


I hope this can help you a bit.