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Re-enabled campaign is not generating conversions like it use to

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I am running an account for a client and it's not performing as well as it used to. Their account was generating conversions, but it was not set up properly. Therefore, I created a new account that was structured properly with identical keywords, etc. While the new account was successful and it generated more than what was spent, I decided to switch back to the old one since it was generating more conversions. I re-enabled the old campaign last Tuesday (it was paused for a month). I understand that it takes some time for the campaign to bounce back, however, it simply has not. Their keywords are not generating conversions like they used to. I compared the data to last October and now and almost everything is identical in terms of clicks, impressions, and average ad position. However, the conversions just are not there. What can I do to get those conversions back? I find it odd how a campaign that was performing well before simply pulled a 180 after being paused for a little under a month. For example, one keyword generated 85 conversions in the month of October. Since the campaign has been re-enabled, it has only generated 1 conversion. How is this possible?



Re: Re-enabled campaign is not generating conversions like it use to

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Badged Google Partner

Competition. Also remember more advertisers in the game for Nov, Dec for holiday market.
Does the competition have a better Unique Selling Proposition? Is your product seasonal, is the product via Ecommerce or lead generation?

Are you successfully pulling in all the new Ad extensions ( call outs, upgrade location, reviews, apps, etc) If your competition is they could be grabbing more real estate with better ads.

How is your Impression share, and Lost IS Rank? Check those stats, your ad scheduling, budget, QS, Ad rank, landing page, are you using mobile? Etc all come into play.

Adwords has made major changes from this summer, with enhancements and strategy opportunities, therefore comparing things of the past is an apples to oranges situation.

You have all the data available to research, review, look and determine what is the potential situation, by looking at your market holistically, from Adwords, Analytics, and Competition analysis.

Re: Re-enabled campaign is not generating conversions like it use to

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The product is e-commerce.

I have upgraded the ad extensions --> call outs, sitelinks, etc. Previously, the majority of their ad extensions were getting rejected but I was able to resolved that issue.

The search impression share has almost remained constant, it has dropped maybe an average of 1.5%. I looked at the lost impression share and there wasn't any significant changes that caught the eye.

Normally I would expect a decrease in performance to be a result of quality score and ad position, however, that is not the case. It has virtually remained the same.

The only thing that has changed is the budget but it was a minimal decrease of $15.

I looked into analytics, and while the bounce rate has remained the same, I am noticing the average session duration has dropped by 41% from 1:59 to 1:10. That could be a contributing factor.

Additionally, I wanted to update by ad copies. In the previous campaign I was running, my ad copies had a higher CTR. However, when I made the change, my average ad position plummeted from being in the top 3 positions, to being on the right hand side.