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Re : How To Improve Reseults the Like CTR or CPC

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We are running the tech supports account i need landing lot of calls from multiple campaigns which one is best ctr or Cpc please suggest me........

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September 2015

Re: Re : How To Improve Reseults the Like CTR or CPC

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I think what you are asking here is that you need to get good number of phone calls for your Adwords campaigns and which metric should be work upon to achieve that. Please correct me if that's not the case here.


First and foremost thing would be to introduce the Call Extensions with Google forwarding number (preferred), so that your ad is assign a unique Toll Free Google number and when someone dials that, it will redirect to your business number. Best part would be that you will also receive details like call duration, call time, area code etc...with them in reporting section.


Now in order to make your ad groups eligible for phone impressions, increase their CPP or Cost per phone call so that the probability of phone call increases for your ad groups. Minimum fee is $1 and you can increase it to have more chances of ranking higher over other advertisers.


Let us know if that helps!