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Ranking against competition

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I work in the B2B environment and compete against a number of small organisations who advertise for a few days and then stop.


But we advertise on a daily basis.


When these short term competitiors come, my ad position goes down.


Would my quality score not be higher than the competition and thus my ad positiobn higher?


Am I missing something in my chain of thought?


Does Google promote those organisations which give them short term  benefits more than the long term advertisers?


Please help




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Re: Ranking against competition

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Hi Anoli, Quality Score does not take into account when Ads are run so there's no reason to think your scores should be higher simply because your Ads run all the time.


The most likely situation here is that your competitors either have higher Quality Scores for the usual reasons associated with that attribute (CTR, relevance, etc.) or are simply bidding higher than you.


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Re: Ranking against competition

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Hello, Anoli.

Ads are ranked according to their ad rank, not quality score alone. And if your competition also has a quality score high enough for their keywords to show, they can rank higher than you do if they bid high enough.

Ad rank = QS x Bid. As you can see, both QS and Bid have exactly the same weight in the formula, so each contribute equally to the ad rank increase (or decrease).

You might want to set an automated rule for your keywords / ad groups, that could run daily and alert you when your ad position goes under a certain level.

Here's how:

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Re: Ranking against competition

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Thanks Jon. Your reply helps.

Re: Ranking against competition

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Thanks Calin, I shall set up the alert and work from there.
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Re: Ranking against competition

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Anoli P,

You got some great advice from Jon and Adwiser.

One thing I think you should consider is your conversions and ROI. Look through your analytics and determine how conversions are affected at the different Ad Slot positions.

As you state when the competition comes in for that short periods of time, your Ad Rank or Slot position decreases. Do your conversions decrease as well?

if your conversions drop, then you will want to make adjustments to insure the top spots. If they so not, then your overall ROI and a lower CPC might be a good bet.

I have a situation just like your for a client that competition comes in an out during the week. I have been able to pinpoint the approximate budgets they have as well as the CPC they use, by placing a really high bid price on some key terms. With my High CTR and QS, I rarely ever come close to paying more then 2/3 of my Max CPC.

Really look at your data and let it guide you to making decisions based on ROI and conversions rather then Ad positions. Sometime a lower spot helps overall, Sometimes it doesn't, but let the data and numbers decide.

Good Luck
Eric G

Re: Ranking against competition

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Thanks Eric

Let me work out the ROI and follow your advise and I will come back to you with the results