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Radius targeting doesn't work with google useless

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i have a jumping castle business and only want to attract customers within 20km of my factory.  even though i have set a 15km radius on no campaign, i get clicks from customers 70km, is google is really that inaccurate with its targeting algorithm??

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Re: Radius targeting doesn't work with google useless

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Hi Peter,


Some of the reasons I could think of:-


1. Users outside your target region might be using the ISP whose IP address fall outside that radius targeting range and they might be clicking in.


2. Intent of the search query; i.e. the users outside might be using the location bases search terms and happen to see your ad and click on it.


Some options for you:-


1. Look at the search terms and see what kind of queries you are getting clicks for.


2. Are you using advanced location settings or not.


3. Try using the location based search terms; also use ad copies which convey direct message that your business or service caters to the audiences based in particular location.



Re: Radius targeting doesn't work with google useless

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okay Pankaj,

i will try option 3 and see how i go, its a shame that when i call google help, i find i get more confused. the more i try to improve adwords performance the more complicated the campaign gets and often the results are worse.
adwords worked so well 9 years ago, when it was simpler and easier to use.

Re: Radius targeting doesn't work with google useless

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Hi @Peter L are you a manufacturer or a service provider (renting out castles)?


If you're a manufacturer (as it sounds), a 20km target is really small.  I'd even argue it's a small target for a delivery based service provider.


Location targeting does get progressively less "useful" as the targeted area gets smaller, although for mobile devices it can still be quite accurate.  If you have real trouble pinning down this small area, you may find it better to use location based Keywords in combination with a radius target.  Including your location in your Ads may help reduce unwanted clicks as well.


Do you have a Business Listing?



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