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RLSA - setting correct bids

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Hi everyone!

I've set up a separate campaign for RLSA. I set up bids on kw level but when I go to audiences, I see that they display the default bid which I have for a whole ad group, not for a specific keyword. In RLSA, will the bids still be taken from the keyword level, i have a separate bid for each kw?

Please advice!

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Re: RLSA - setting correct bids

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Hey Kamila, how are things?

Adwords will always use the most deeper level of settings. So in this case, it will use your keywords bid for the AUCTION, but for general effects, it will always show your Ad Group level CPC in other parts of Adwords, since it would be a hard thing to show for keyword level.

Since the majority of people only use Ad Groups Bids, they turned this into default view for everything.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

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October 2015

Re: RLSA - setting correct bids

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Hi Kamila
Yes, they should use the keyword bids. In the audience/targeting view, the default bid is all it has to go on. Unless you wanted it averaged out? (this is not possible).

If you set keyword level bids, they will be used.