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RLSA Settings

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Hi All,


I have started using this RLSA feature in our adwords campaign. What I have done  is added "search remarketing list" to the existing adgroup with target and bid option. Next day onwards I have seen huge drop in search impressions and I search with Google preview tool and my ad is not showing for the keyword and its saying " Your ad can't show to users who aren't on the remarketing lists you've added to this ad group".


Can any one tell me why my ad is not showing for the keyword when somebody searching with my keyword?


should I create a new campaign for RLSA?




Re: RLSA Settings

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
Hello Satyappc,

the decrease of impressions is cause by targeting option: Target and bid. Your ads will be shown only to people who match both keywords targeting criterium and your remarketing list criterium.

If you want to only modify bids for people within your remarketing lists, you should use: Bid only option. With this option you won't see any impression drop.

Best regards,