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Question on content network keywords & enhanced campaign

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Hello everyone, new to the community and got a few questions hoping to get some answers.


1. I know for content network, the keywords in an adgroup work as a theme and not individually, in this case, is it even necessary to delete the keywords inside an adgroup that is not performing? (high CPA/Not converting keywords)


2. I am running digestive related supplement campaign and targeting to get sales. For the following keywords, would you have group them under the same adgroup or separate adgroups?


stomach bloating

gas bloating


stomach gas

gas pain


They are all based on the same symptom/problems, but i am not sure if adgroup algorithm is smart to know that flatulence also equals stomach bloating. I a want to know if grouping them into the same adgroup would be just fine or should I create separate adgroups for


flatulence remedies

flatulence xxxxx




stomach bloating

stomach bloating remedies

stomach bloating xxxx


I am afraid if I put them into separate adgroups, they might compete with each other for traffic, that will end up being really hard to optimize.


Last question, enhanced campaign.


Has anyone notice a huge drop in conversions since the migration to ehanced campaign from last July?

I am suffering some crazy conversion drop, CPA doubled, conversions cut in half. The same campaign, same placement, same URLs just somehow don't convert anymore. (mobile has been excluded)


I just can't figure out cause of this and I have tried so many things and dropped over 50k trying to figure out (create brand new campaigns, re optimize, I have tried EVERYTHING) and I just can't bring the conversion back up.


I would like to know what has changed in the algorithm from legacy campaign to enhanced campaign. What made it "enhanced" and what do you guys suggest I can try to bring my conversion back up.


Sorry for the long post and hopefully someone can provide me a direction.


Thank you!




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Re: Question on content network keywords & enhanced campaign

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Two points to note:
1. Don't use keywords which are too specific. The theme is usually "broad in scope"
2. Make sure that the landing page content has no no claims/ does not imply curing properties of these supplements.

Read more:

The "healthcare and medicine " section of the policy;

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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