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Question on Event based GA remarketing list for Adwords

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I have a question with regards to setting up a remarketing list for Adwords from GA.


Let’s say I have the following two events:


1.   Event Category: Cart, Event Action: Add, Event Label: Product Name

2.   Event Category: Shopping, Event Action: Search, Event Label: Product Name


I would like to create a remarketing list to target users that have added Product A to the cart.

Would the following filter work?

Event Catgeory = Cart AND Event Action = Add AND Event Label = Product A


Or are the conditions independant? ie: would my list target instead all users that have completed one or more events within a 7 day period that match all three conditions, but not necessarily at the same time. For instance, a user searches for product B and then adds product A to the cart over the course of 7 days would be part of my list, because looking at all events completed, GA would find a combination of events that - taken together - match all three conditions.


Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts on this.



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Re: Question on Event based GA remarketing list for Adwords

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Hello, Lothaire.


The way I read and understand this document, the system would show your ads to visitors who match all conditions (AND) across no matter how many visits during the past 7 days. If they meet condition A on day one, then B on day 4 and C on day 6, they get on the list.


What you want may be achieved through custom variables, not events, with a visit scope, if you only want to add those to the list (the ones that searched for a product and also added it to cart during the same visit).


However, I don't quite understand how you're going to implement it. Will you, real-time, check every search term on your website and see if it matches a product name, and if it does, it fires an event? If you do, then you can keep track in a cookie and when you see that behaviour you can set a custom variable with product name as value. If the scope of the variable is a "visit", and the condition for the remarketing list is to have that custom variable set and with the right value in it, then people who perform one action during one visit and the second during a subsequent visit do not qualify (you do not set the custom variable for them).


Alright, it's getting messy enough, let us know if there's anything useful in my scenarios.

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