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Question about phrase match

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I am confused about something. If I have phrase match keywords setup like this:


"tech support"

"tech support for business"


If the user searches for tech support for business will it always match the second one? Being that the first keyword technically would catch it I really don't need the second one but I want to do more detailed tracking of my keywords.


I am just trying to understand exactly how phrase match works when it matches on 2 keyword sets.


Any help with this would be great.

Thank you

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September 2015

Re: Question about phrase match

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Hi Steve S,

The system will pick the closest match if both are broad match. It will pick the more restrictive match type over the less restrictive ( exact over phrase, phrase over broad) in most cases.

This assumes both phrases have the same QS. The QS you see in the UI is that for the exact phrase (even though it is br4oad match). In most cases, the closest match to a broad match keyword will produce the higher QS. QS is calculated for each query, it is not static.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Question about phrase match

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Hi Steve

Ideally it should trigger by the second keyword as it is more precise than the first keyword but if the ad rank(your bid & QS) for the second keyword is less than the first keyword than i think it will trigger from the first keyword.


Re: Question about phrase match

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Makes sense. Thanks for the help.