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Question about broad match

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Hello, everybody!


I have faced a doubt I can't seem to figure out with the information I have. I'll try to explain.


A broad match type would return me a large variety of search terms performed by searchs. Let's say I bid on the broad term cable internet. If I add the broad term buy cable internet, would it share relevance with cable internet term, both being broad match types? And in this case, would this situation interfere with the performance of both terms?


I go through: if I use phrase match and exact match of the same term, would it also share the relevance and interfere in their performance? 


Thoughts? Smiley Happy

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September 2015

Re: Question about broad match

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Hi Camila,
Welcome to the AdWords Community! When you have the keywords "cable internet" and "buy cable internet," "...the AdWords system uses a set of preferences to determine which of your keywords to use. The preferences rank approximately in the following order:

1. Keyword that matches the search term exactly
2. More restrictive Match Type
3. Keyword with the highest Ad Rank"

The quick answer to your question, no, your different Broad Match Keywords will not interfere with performance, as the AdWords system will use the list above to match your Keywords with searchers' queries.

When using Phrase and Exact Match, the AdWords system will try to show the Keyword with the most restrictive Match Type. For example, if you're bidding on the following Keywords:
cable internet - Phrase Match
cable internet - Exact Match

If a searchers searches just for cable internet - the system should attribute the Impression/Click to the Exact Match version since it is more restrictive.

Using AdWords Match Types -

How Similar Keywords Match -

Re: Question about broad match

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I see.

On another hand, why would I need to use several broad terms if using internet cable would trigger everything else?

Meaning: I can have one broad term per ad group, following this logic.

What would I miss by doing this or is this the ideal thing to do?

Re: Question about broad match

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Hi Camila,
Good question - I always recommend testing Keywords using different Match Types. Performance could vary by Match Type and it's great to have the flexibility to increase/decrease bids based on how they perform for you.

Also, I typically see increased efficiencies with Exact Match Keywords - usually their CPCs are lower than their Phrase and Broad Match counterparts.

Re: Question about broad match

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Hi there;

@vkore91 covered the issue from "every angle" and if you  run a quick search on the community, for "broad match" you will find hundreds (literally) of discussion of discussions.


One point I want to underline, is that the nature of broad match, due to  the endless list of synonyms it includes, is to trigger the ad against  search queries irrelevant to  the product or service. (This requires a constant check of the search terms report, and adding many negative keywords.)


So, since the introduction of  the broad match modifier  (aka BMM) - which is more restricted, I rarely use the classic broad match and  prefer the BMM.


As Brian  mentioned,  the "classic strategy",   which most advertisers would follow, would be to bid the highest on exact match, and the lowest  on broad match.


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