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Question about Re-Using Aged Campaigns In Old Adwords Account

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My adwords account is about 5 years old and I have spent over $100k with it over the years, however I have not used it at all for over 1 year. I am now wanting to test some campaigns and I am wondering if it is beneficial to reuse the previous campaigns that have been paused since I last used them over 1 year ago? They had a long history of running and I had heard that it takes time to build up a "trust-able" campaign in google's eyes.... I appreciate everyone's thoughts!

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Re: Question about Re-Using Aged Campaigns In Old Adwords Account

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Hi there;

In "Adwords Time"  - one year is "ages" in "Earth time" Smiley Happy


I would set, a brand new campaign. I would not  "fix" / modify a campaign which is more than  a year old.


As for the effect on OS. This "effect" / contribution to QS  diminishes over time... And much time has elapsed, since the campaign was active. Because  this is only one campaign on the account,  if any history were to effect the QS (after that long time),  It would  be factored into the account past performance. (A variable in QS calculation - but with minor contribution to QS calculation).


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Re: Question about Re-Using Aged Campaigns In Old Adwords Account

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Hi CoolDude, it really depends upon why you think you might need to change the old Campaigns.  Did they work well?  Did they return a profit and/or achieve your set marketing goals?  If they worked for you, there's really no reason to change them.  If they didn't work for you - and perhaps that's why you stopped running them - there may well be value in creating new ones, drawing upon the data you collected from the old.


As Moshe has suggested, whichever option you choose, the "time factor" is unlikely to be important here, especially if you design new Campaigns that perform significantly better than the old.


Can you share with us why you stopped running the Campaigns?  We may be able to help you with your new setup.



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Re: Question about Re-Using Aged Campaigns In Old Adwords Account

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Hi CoolDude,

In addition to the stellar advice that you've already receive - If you do decide to reuse your old campaigns, I would thoroughly review your existing campaigns because so much can change in a year and its best to discover any issues before you start spending money!

I would highly suggest an audit of:
Keywords to make sure they are still relevant.
Negatives to make sure they are still irrelevant.
URLs to make sure they are still working.
Tracking parameters to sure they are up to date, especially if you use any back-end systems.
Mobile/Time of Day/Location modifiers to ensure they still suit your needs and goals.
Ad copy/Extensions to ensure it is up to date and relevant.

I would also suggest looking through your settings, just to make sure that the way it is set up is in line with your goals.

Good luck!