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Question About Keywords Competing In 2 Campaigns

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I've read that having duplicate keywords in campaigns is bad because they compete against each other and can 1) Lower your quality score, and 2) Cause your CPC to go higher. 


Say I have two campaigns. One is broad and looking for different variations of the base keywords and one is more tightly targeted:


Broad Campaign: +portfolio +software


Targeted Campaign: +portfolio +asset +allocation +software


Two questions:


1. If a user searches for "portfolio asset allocation software" will the broad campaign pick this keyword up and effectively cause a competition between the 2 campaigns?


2. Is the way to prevent this to simply make the keywords "asset" and "allocation" negatives in the broad campaign? My only reservation about doing this is the keyword "asset" could be used in ways other than "asset allocation" which would narrow the reach of the broad campaign.


What's the best way to handle this?

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Re: Question About Keywords Competing In 2 Campaigns

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@Paul B


The scenario you describe will have both campaigns competing when the words portfolio and software are present in a query.  This fact does not automatically mean your quality score will drop and cpc will rise.  


By default, a query containing all the words in your targeted campaign will most likely be served an ad from the targeted campaign because it is more relevant to the query.  You can help try to ensure this outcome by making your ads in your targeted campaign relevant to the more detailed query.


Your negative keyword suggestion is valid, but so is your concern in regards to other queries with asset in them.  You might try just software if you think that might be applicable. Another option is to start adding exact match negative keyword phrases that you know you want the targeted campaign to trigger ads.   An example would be to start with [portfolio asset allocation software].    As you research the Search Query Report in your detailed campaign over time, you can add any exact match negative you feel is warranted to your broad campaign.


You'll also find that you might want to have higher CPCs in the detailed campaign than your broad campaign.  This of course will help the detailed campaign win any auction that the broad version is eligible for.