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Quality score of non-exact match keywords

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So if Google only uses exact match keywords to determine the QS, how is it possible that alot of my keywords in an Ad campaign/group is not using exact match and still getting a QS? I'm confused

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Re: Quality score of non-exact match keywords

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Hi H Dean
The answer to that question is actually straightforward. Google uses the exact match version of that particular broad keyword to show in the UI what it's "quality score" (in inverted commas) is reported as. In reality, the QS is calculated at the moment of the auction based on the keyword's exact match.

Straight from the horses mouth:
" All keywords regardless of match type have quality scores; however, only when activity is coming from a search for exactly the keyword text will this be used to determine a keyword's quality score.

For example, if you have the broad match keyword 'hot dog' only searches for 'hot dog' will factor into QS. A search for 'Chicago-style hot dog' would not factor into the quality score for the broad match keyword 'hot dog.' I hope this helps clarify!"

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