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Quality score not showing for KWs since half of october

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HI Guys,

Two questions on QS:

1. since the second half of October the QS for some of my KWs is not shown. Some of these are in BMM and have plenty of traffic. I have been able to access their QS via a "QS report script" till the 31/10. Since the first of November, the QS is a no show in adwords and via the script. I have for instance a KW with 16,815 impressions in the past 30 days that has suddenly lost its QS. is the tresholf here based on impressions or Impression Share?

2. Also, I have restructured some ad groups to make them more tailored and hopefully improve Ad relevance and therefore QS. Once again, for the KWs I have moved into new ad groups, the QS has first gone blank and when it started to show again has in some case worsen, being the Landing Page Experience component lower than in the original Ad Group ( LP is the same, no change there ). Any idea on this? 

always more confusing, it seems like it is better not to restructure: I am now paying more per click for all the 27KWs I have restructured with the hope of saving money. I will have to pause some of them unless I do not see improvements soon.

Thanks for your help


Quality score not showing for KWs since half of october

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I really found it hard to decode your question .


But i will assume you know what you are doing and you are doing it properly ! Now that your quality score apread it became worse right ? 


What was the Score ? Was it less than 8/10 ?  If No you are on the right track . If Yes then work more on your Account Structure and Landing page Relevance .


All majorly depends on those Factors . Pehaps you can shed more light so your questions can be answered properly .