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Quality score info either through scripts or report

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Hi guys,


Is it possible to get Quality information preferably via an automated adwords script or maybe by downloading some kind of report? I'm talking about getting the ad relevance, expected clickthrough rate and landing page relevance information. I can do it by looking up each keyword separately on the interface but it's too time consuming. There has to be a faster way.



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Re: Quality score info either through scripts or report

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Hi @rashed k unfortunately, there's no direct mapping between what you can see by looking at the status "bubble" in the AWFE and what's available via Scripts.  You can, of course, extract the Quality Score itself and export it to a spreadsheet, but the individual elements (expected CTR, etc.) are more difficult.


The API documentation references the following fields: isKeywordAdRelevanceAcceptable and isLandingPageRelevanceAcceptable but as far as I've been able to check, these fields are not available directly through scripts.


They may be available fields within one or more Reports; they're not listed in any that I've checked as likely, but I know that the documentation doesn't always include all fields available in a report so you'd need to experiment.



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Re: Quality score info either through scripts or report

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Hi Jon,

That's a real shame but thanks for your help.