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Quality score for viewable CPM campaigns

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Hi all,

I would like to know how Google calculates quality score for GDN campaigns that use viewable CPM bidding strategy.

I was reading a few discussions and they always pointed out that for CPM campaigns only thing that matters is the quality of a landing page (most of them were linking to this article, although there is no such statement there, it can be figured by eliminating factors unrelated to GDN). I didn't found an official Google material covering these statements.

Additionally, this PPC hero article covers the cases of calculating QS when keywords and topics are the targeting options in a GDN campaign. What would be the case when I have an ad group targeting only interests, on a viewable CPM bidding, and have only display ads?

How can I improve performance (lower viewable CPM) for these campaigns?
Thanks in advance.



Re: Quality score for viewable CPM campaigns

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I have the exact same question. Is there any official google documentation that describes the factors used to calculate quality score for a campaign using CPM bidding on the GDN?