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Quality score, despite relevant keywords and good landing page

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So I am advertising a Spanish language learning app on Adwords and I am baffled by the low quality score. I put in keywords that are incredibly relevant to my app and the landing page is the itunes website that allows the customer to download my app, yet I am getting an average of 3/10. To show how confused I am, I put the name of the app as one of my keywords and it tells me that it only gets a 3/10, whereas the least relevant keyword I tried gets a 4/10. 


I'm really confused. My keywords are very relevant and I'm not sure why there is such a low quality score. Does anyone have any ideas about why my score would be soooo low, with an official itunes landing page and VERY relevant keywords? 


Background: The app is a Spanish verb conjugation app, that allows teh user to practice conjugating Spanish verbs. The ad reads like this: 

My keywords (that all get a 3/10) are: "spanish verb conjugation" "spanish verb app" "spanish verb games" and the name of the app "Spanish Verb Champion". 


Any insights would be GREATLY appreciated, because I am just flabbergasted. 

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Re: Quality score, despite relevant keywords and good landing page

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Hi Tristan R,


Welcome to the community..!


The initial quality score of keywords in a new account will be the average QS of that industry, based on the performance od previous advertisers who used the same king of keywords.


So if your campaign is brand new you don't have to worry too much as the QS will be updated based on your campaign performance once your campaigns receives 1000 impressions.


There are some industries where the historic average QS is low.



Re: Quality score, despite relevant keywords and good landing page

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In addition to Deepak answer - when you cross the 1000 impressions (per keyword) your QS is mainly based on CR. The higher the CTR - the higher the QS.

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