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Quality Score

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I have a few questions about quality score.


1) Why low quality score keyword showing instead of high quality score? 

Low quality score- 1/10,    High quality score- 6/10

Low quality score has higher impressions and clicks compare to high quality score, why?


2) How to fix low quality score? The low quality score 3/10

Used the keyword on headline, description line and specific Final URL as well. 

CTR- 3% above. Why's still consider low quality score. How to fix it? 


Please advise. Thank you and much appreciate Smiley Happy 

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Re: Quality Score

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1) Quality score depends on 3 main factors:
expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.

Number of impressions depends on the selected keywords by you, any keyword which has more competition and in trend will definitely have more searches and hence you can have more impressions on that keyword as compared to other keyword which is rarely searched by users. Though both can have different QS depending on how much your keywords comply with the QS affecting factors. You may notice that a low search volume keyword within your adgroup has a very good QS(upto 8 or 9).

2) Check all the elements of QS and work on those which are below average.
Though you have specific final url but is it really relevant to your keywords and adcopies.
Use different keywords match types.
Use ad-extensions.

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Re: Quality Score

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Hi, just on note:

"2) How to fix low quality score? The low quality score 3/10"

You may want to make sure that the keyword is highly relevant to the ad copies and your website LP. - Keyword matching options per sé have the same quality score, hence their types do not play an important role.


The ctr>3% you mentioned does not seem bad. It will of course help in the long term. (Provided it's on the exact match core of the KW.)


Re: Quality Score

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As a side note, improving QS is not the quickest of the tasks that you can accomplish. It's a gradual process and will take time to improve this magical metric.


As far as your first question is concerned, it might depend upon what keyword matching option are you using and which keyword is more relevant for the user online between the two. There is a possibility that low QS keyword is proving to be more relevant and hence driving more clicks compared to the one that has QS of 6. You should be reviewing your search terms frequently and bid in the order of precedence i.e. lowest bid for broad, then higher for phrase and highest for exact match type. There are chances that low QS keyword is pulling the traffic from other keywords just because you are bidding higher for Broad matches and lower for more restrictive keyword match types.


As mentioned above, CTR of 3% is pretty good. All you need to do is to maintain it and probably excel it by making sure that more relevant queries keep coming in for your keywords.


Adding keywords to the description line, final URL is fine but all it matters is the relevancy. How relevant your landing page would be for the end user. Best customer experience is the aim of AdWords and if you meet it, numbers would automatically improve.


My 2 cents!


Re: Quality Score

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Hi Jach,
Very much agree with @pankaj1782, for 1st questions you need to dive into your adwords & analytics reports, search terms, competitors detail , impressions share & impression lost (rank) reports will give you the answer, also see the bounce rate for both keywords that will give you perfect picture why your low quality score keywords have better CTR then high quality score.

For 2nd answer you can do one silly thing as well just pause your low quality score keywords and create new ad group there put that keyword and create a new ads that will must increase your quality score.


Re: Quality Score

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In reference to this question, I agree with what has already been said.

I think it is a good idea to start with your landing page; how relevant is it to your keyword and your ad copy? Following this, you will want to look at your Search Terms report, this will give you an indication of what people are searching for, and on what terms your ads are showing. You will want to negative out anything that isn't appropriate to the products/services you offer, this will cut down any irrelevant searches if your keywords are on Broad Match. If your keywords are broad match, look at changing or adding some of them as Exact or Phrase match, that way, when your ad appears, it will be much more relevant to what the customer is searching for.

Have you thought about using Ad extensions? These can sometimes impact your Quality Score, as well as giving your Ad more visibility, and providing your customers with additional information about what you are offering. (as well as influencing your ad relevance)

Finally, look at using a "Call to Action" in your ad copy; this could be things such as"buy now" or "sign up now", and encourage the customer to click on your Ad.

This is just a few things, but I hope this helps Smiley Happy