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Hi all,


I am working on multiple different accounts. When I need to create a new one, I usually copy an older campaign of another account and paste it under the new one at the Adwords Editor. After posting the changes to Adwords, I continue to work on the ad groups, ads and keywords of the new campaign/account at the Adwords itself. Then I activate the campaign when all are done.


My question is:When the quality score starts calculating? Is it, right after copying the components of the old one to new one and posting it to Adwords even though it's paused (paused as we are still working on the keywords&ads for the new campaign) or is it, right after activating the new campaign after editing all the ads & keywords and go on live?


Would appreciate if you could help!



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September 2015

Re: Quality Score

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Hi Sinem T,

Quality Score is a dynamic measurement. It is calculated each and every time it is displayed or used. Paused campaigns are reviewed, URL's are checked, ads are reviewed. That's good when you are planning a campaign to start at a future date as the campaign can be approved before it is intended to run.

For the AdWords UI, the QS starts calculating when you load the page. For a campaign with no history, QS will be based on performance of the keyword within your account, and performance of the keyword across all accounts and advertisers. As you accrue impressions, the performance of the keyword within the campaign has a greater influence on QS. In general, performance withing the campaign begins to influence QS at around 1000 impressions.

I hope this helps.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Quality Score

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Thanks a lot for the answer Pete, helped a lot!