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What can I say... I have 2 campaigns, one for makinking web pages and one for web shops and the problem is of course QS. I have 31 words all together and my problem is that only 3 of them for some reason have QS 7/10, al 28 of them have 6/10. Im finding this to be particulary odd becuse all those 6/10 words have below average Landing page expirience. Whatever I do with my landing pages that QS and note that it is below average wont change? What can I do?


Bare in mind im more annoyed with that below average thingy than QS of 6/10!




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About landing page experience you can read this:
And quality score is important part in google auctions, but you know that.
You can try to add a different landing page for every keyword when you are at keyword tab. That way your ads are going to be more relevant and that could help you to get a higher quality score.

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Hello Marko,
One most important factor for improving QS is CTR, You should work on your low QS keywords CTR. For increase QS you should add proper negative keywords in each adgroup. When you increase your CTR definitely this would effect on your QS.
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To be honest with you, Quality Score of 6 is not really bad, but yes the room of improvement is definitely there.


As you said the Landing page quality is below average, what about the other parameters, are they above average, average or what?


I am not sure what all changes you implemented in your landing page and how often you measured the Landing Page experience while checking the Quality Score. But the fact is that changes in Quality Score are not speedy. They are gradual depending upon how relevant the page is for the users when they reach it after clicking your ad. The improvement is visible after a gradual process. 


Did you try the Content Experiments in Google Analytics. You can test up to max. of  10 variations of a landing page, which is actually a great way of measuring the landing page experience and optimize your account accordingly. More details here: