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Quality Score

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Hi Experts,


my domain is

in Title & Body & Description also mentioned pest control


In adwords ad I have mentioned pest control in headline, 1st & 2nd line des


Now my ques is


adword keyword "Pest Control" quality score is 5/10


"Pest Service" 2/10


"Pest Control Service" 3/10


"Quality Pest Control Service"  2/10


"Best Pest Control Services" 1/10


"Pest Service Winnipeg" 1/10


"Pest Control Toronto" 6/10 


Plz tell me why quality score is 1 and 2? why Toronto 6 & winnipeg 1? why pest control service 3 & quality pest controls service 2?


Can you explain in simple words what is going on & what i should do to improve quality score, clicks & ad position on google? 


in simple words means i am new in adwords & i handle my adword a/c myself. 


Thanks Lisa

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Re: Quality Score

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Please check next to keyword for text bubble, mouse over that to know where you want to improve to get good quality score[CTR, Ad Relevance or Landing page experience]. It is not possible to say exactly why your keywords are having less quality score.
It seems you know all the basics to get good quality score. One more thing i would like to remind you QS depends also on historic performance of your campaigns.

Thanks and Regards
John Paul

Re: Quality Score

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Hi Lisa,


First of all adding Pest Control everywhere ( Your landing page meta tags, content, ad copy etc...) should not be over excessive that it gets deviated from the user experience. Your landing page should be such that the content should be unique and relevant to what the users are looking for online and when they see your ad, click on it and reaches your page.


Also, in terms of Quality Score, your prime and key factor is CTR. How's your keyword's CTR and what type of keyword matching are you using?


In case the CTR is low and you are focusing more on Broad match type keywords, I would suggest you to reconsider your keyword matching options and focus more on restrictive match types like Phrase and Exact matches.


Improve on your CTR to make sure that relevant traffic comes to your landing page.


Review your Search terms timely and add negative terms to avoid irrelevant traffic.


Also Quality Score depends upon many other factors like how the advertisers have used these sort of keywords in the past. And in fact your initial QS depends mainly around this and gradually when your keywords start accumulating impressions, your account's own QS is build up.


I would suggest you read more about QS here:


Also about improving Ad Quality here:



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Re: Quality Score

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in simple words - You just added keywords. The quality scores given are based on historical history of that keyword in general, not your account set-up. After a few days of getting impressions you will see Quality scores Rise or drop based upon the factors that influence Quality Scores.

Ad Copy
Landing page

Here is a recent White pager released about Quality Scores as well

Re: Quality Score

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I don't have any campaign but in testing account i have got 10/10 score reason is just relevancy of description is same according to Adwards recommendation.

Re: Quality Score

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thank you for sharing this whitepaper it is very helpful