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Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. 

I have quite a lot of keywords with a low quality score and these are also the ones that drive traffic. 

What should I do to improve it? I have started optimizing the main landing pages, but it will take a while because it's an e-commerce website. Is there anything else that I could do to improve it quicker?






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September 2015

Re: Quality Score -

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Hey Oscar,


There's no short cut to improve the Quality Score Smiley Happy


It's a gradual process and you need to work with some patience to make sure that you are following the right tactics to improve it. You have to make sure that your keyword's CTR is excellent and is maintained throughout the time period so that there are bright chances of improving the quality score.


I would also suggest you to read this excellent user article by Googler Tanmay on Quality Score recipe:


Best of Luck!


Re: Quality Score -

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Please let me know if the following parameters affect QS -

1. Keywords in Headline of the Text ad
2. Grammatically correct description. Spelling Mistakes
3. CTA in the description


Re: Quality Score -

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1. One of the factors that influences your QS is the keyword/ad relevance. So using keywords in your ad definitely helps improving your QS. Next to that, using keywords in your ads also increases your CTR, which in turn is also one of the factors that positively influences QS.
2. Misspellings don't directly influence your QS, but they can cause disapprovement of your ad.
3. Using a call to action is said to increase CTR and your ad's CTR influences your QS. So using a CTA in your ad can indirectly increase your QS.

Good luck increasing your QS :-)

Re: Quality Score -

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1. It could. At least more than not having it most times. When you see the exact thing you searched for in an ad headline, you tend to click on it more (or at least read the rest of that ad).

2. There's a rule that says you must have grammatically correct ads and no spelling mistakes. How well these rules are applied is another question. I can tell you however that I try to follow them but sometimes make spelling mistakes. Usually, the mistake reduces my CTR and consequently the QS. But I've also seen mistakes actually increase the CTR. There's no way to tell but do write ads without spelling mistakes for the target geography (labor vs labour in US/UK) and grammatically correct. Proper punctuation and spacing too. Personally, I don't poorly written click ads. I feel like I can't trust the merchant somehow.

3. CTA (Call To Action). Many say you need one. It may help or it may not. Again, if it helps get higher click rates, it will help. Do test.

As you have limited space, you need to be very careful about anything you say in an ad. I see many saying "In stock". Yeah, so what, I expect you to advertise something you have in stock. To me, that's a waste of at least 8 characters. Do you really need to say "call now"? It may work in some industries and not in others. Again, test.