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Quality Score on GDN

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I was looking for a good link about QS in GDN and how to improve QS on GDN. I saw there was a Google recommended answer by Deepak from last March but unfortunately, It is not available anymore. Could anyone

 give me a hand here please?

Thanks and have a sunny day!





Re: Quality Score on GDN

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Hello dlevymusica ! Welcome to the Community Robot Very Happy


In the GDN the quality score is not reported. However what we do know is that


a) If you use CPM bidding , the QS is given only by the quality of your landing page as explained here : link


"In the case of a placement-targeted ad on the Google Display Network using Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding bidding, your Quality Score is simply based on the quality of your landing page."


b) If you use CPC bidding, a higher QS is mainly determined by a higher CTR rate. You can only check how your CTR is compared with the competitors on a single Placement by checking the relative- CTR metric ( a custom Column) described here : link